Cyrus Malharath

Prophet and Priest. Guide and Guardian. A comrade who aides his allies with his eyes on the past, present, and future. ,



Name: Cyrus Malharath
Race: Human (Kalashtar)
Birth Date: X/X/1419
Death Date: X/X/2023 (Aged 28)
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Magnum Style: Prophetic Hymns

Physical Appearance

Black hair, hazel eyes, pale skin. small beard. He wears a pair of earrings and pendant of the symbol of Capelli, heirlooms and keepsakes from his time in the monastery.

A prophetic bard who has dabbled in the clerical arts, Cyrus is able to deal solid damage with his bow, empower his allies, enfeeble his enemies, and heal his comrades.


Cyrus Malharath grew up in an isolated monastery in the northern mountains. Before his birth Cyrus was designated as special due to being one of the few people whose birth itself was prophesied. Born to the chief and head cleric of the monastery Cyrus was raised as successor to his father. While all Kalashtar of the time had some level of talent in the three gifts of Capelli: telepathy, empathy, and prophecy, Cyrus was one of the rare few who was truly gifted as a prophet. Like all Kalashtar Cyrus recorded his visions in a journal, which acted as a symbol of his faith and a representation of his soul. Showing incredible talent in his talents, religious studies, and even the healing arts grew up with a strong faith and a devotion to Capelli. Cyrus was always set apart from others his potential and ancestry creating a wall between him and most of his friends. One of the few who he actually became rather close to was Allen Xavier, who acted as a mentor to the young Cyrus, though he eventually left the monastery entirely. Many believed that Cyrus had quite a bright future.

However, this all changed when Cyrus received a vision of an epidemic striking the monastery. Cyrus saw this as a warning from his god and dedicated himself to curing the epidemic. Though this proved to be useless. Even with his foreknowledge and gifts Cyrus watched as his family, friends, and everyone in his world wasted away and died. No matter how he struggled and prayed everyone he knew contracted the sickness and perished, except for him.

Due to this Cyrus suffered a massive crisis of faith. Why did Capelli give him the vision if there was nothing he could do about it? Why would Capelli allow his people, those who had devoted themselves to him and were believed to be blessed by him, to perish? Was it a cruel punishment for some perceived fault? or did Capelli just truly not care for the people who loved him?

Faced with abandoning the faith which was central to his identity and life up till now Cyrus made an oath. In order to validate his faith, Cyrus determined that the vision must have been a test of faith and that there must be some reason he was still alive. Then and there Cyrus gave his life to Capelli vowing that he would fulfill his role and set out to find it.

Leaving the shambles of his life behind Cyrus set out into the world he had never known.

Traveling as a bard to earn his way Cyrus explored the world as an observer, guided by his visions and his faith. This lasted until he stumbled upon a battle between the Antedynast military and the goblin forces.

Drawn in like the rest of the chronoshifters Cyrus set down an extraordinary path.

Cyrus Malharath

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