Aiden Novakri

The Doctor of Empathy



Name: Aiden Elijah Novakri
Race: Human (Kalashtar)
Birth Date: 1/11/1993
Approximate Age: 30
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Magnum Style: Psychic Recognition
Deific Profile: Mindscape Messiah


Dirty blond hair kept short but a bit shaggy, light hazel eyes, goatee, three piercings in each ear. On his left shoulder he has a tattoo of Capelli’s symbol and a tattoo of blood red chains on his right bicep, both results of drunken bets with Kethik, Mordrin, and Ryan. Musculature is mainly to stay healthy and to maintain the life style he grew up with in his father’s monastery. Thus it is gained through fitness rather than hard labor. Dresses conservatively, usually in in a plain colored shirt, long sleeve sweater, khakis, and comfortable shoes. He wears a body fitted layer of cloth which is flux enhanced to provide chainmail-like protection under his clothes. He keeps the same clothing style in the past and the future as it not too out of place, though a bit better quality then they are used to.


  • Perrin Alric Novakri (Father)
  • Elanor Minhalrath Novakri (Mother), Deceased
  • Claire Novakri Thatari (Sister)
  • Roland Andrew Thatari (Brother-in-law), Deceased
  • Anya Emma Novakri (Niece)
  • Theodore (Theo) Gabriel Novakri (Nephew)

Game Statistics

Lvl: 27
Class: Ardent (Mantle of Clarity_), Paragon: Argent Soul, Epic: Demiurge (Becoming the One: Wisdom_)
Kalashtar +: Heal Bonus Background: Enlightened Prodigy (
Main: +2 Heal
), Guiding Hand, Political Rebel, Seer (Psionic), Early-Life: Well-Loved, Family Tradition

Str: 12 Con: 16 Dex: 12 Int: 13 Wis: 25 Chr: 27
HP: 158 Spd: 5 Int: 18 PP: 17
AC: 38 Fort: 33 Ref: 33 Will: 39

Trained Skills: Diplomacy, Streetwise, Heal, Insight
Skills: Acrobatics: 13, Arcana: 14, Insight: 27, Athletics: 13, Intimidate: 21, Bluff: 21 Nature: 20, Diplomacy: 26, Perception: 20, Dungeoneering: 20, Religion: 14, Endurance:15 Stealth: 13, Heal: 29, Streetwise: 26, History: 14, Thievery: 13
Passive Insight: 37 Passive Perception: 30

Feats: Wind of Sympathy, Martyr’s Surge, Gestalt Anchor, Bolstering Mantle, Mantle of Readiness, Clarified Instincts, Mantle of Caution, Bolstering Wind, Improved Ardent Surge, Widened Mantle,Suppressive Surge, Heartening Surge, Critical Understanding, Victorious Soul, Quori Backlash, Lingering Swiftness

Paragon Features: Paragon Power Points: Restoring Critical, Vitalizing Action, Argent Devastation

Race_: Bastion of Mental Clarity(_E)
Class_: Ardent Surge(E_), Ardent Alacrity(E)
Paragon_: Argent Strike(E_), Burgeoning Reserves(D), Argent Flood (D)
Epic_: Demiurge Resistance (_D)
At-Will: Withered Technique, Probability Flux, Restorative Bastion
Daily: Aggressive Accompaniment, Vitality Transfer, Corona of Battle
Utility_: Healing Bond(D_), Mend Wounds(D_), Reactive Resistance(E_), Mental Rejuvenation(D), Borrowed Time (D)

Weapon: +6 Guarding Glaive (Artifact)
Armor: +5 Healer’s Weavemail Armor
Head_: Clockwork Cowl (_Epic)
Neck: Cloak of Resistance +6
Arms_: Diamond Bracers (_Paragon)
Hands_: Gloves of the Healer (_Epic)
Rings_:Luminary Ring (_Epic)
Waist_: Cord of Divine Favor (_Paragon)
Feet_: Boots of Quickness (_Epic)
Tattoo_: Tattoo of Bloodied Chains (_Heroic)
Other: Sending Stone, Shepard’s Battle Standard


The following biography is about a protagonist in the story which experiences Variable History. This Variable History is in the same order as presented in the narrative, though flashback events are depicted in objective chronological order. Additionally, information not available in the Story Synopsis is depicted. This information comes from the character’s Player and is canon.

Early Life

Aiden was born in the town of Des Morieau to Perrin and Elanor Novakri. Though his mother died in childbirth he grew with his father and older sister, Claire, in his father’s family run monastery. He had a quiet life growing up under the steadfast care of his father and sister. Aiden and Claire are very close as Claire stepped into a mother-like role for the family, her being 5 years older than Aiden, as she grew up. Despite being a dedicated worshiper of Capelli Perrin had little talent in any of the kalashtar gifts, telepathy, empathy, and visions, as these gifts were becoming rarer and rarer in kalashtar due to the ever increasing intermingling with normal humans and thus dedicated himself to the monk life to show his religious devotion and respect to kalahstar tradition. However, through chance or maybe fate, both Claire and Aiden turned out to be particularly gifted. While Claire showed great aptitude for telepathy Aiden was born a powerful empath, a relatively rare side of the psychic talents inherent in their race. This proved to be both a gift and a curse for Aiden and his family.

Psionic Maturity

From a young age Aiden had the power to sense and feel the emotions of those around him. Though in time Aiden would learn to block others emotions from his mind and even influence the emotions of others to a degree, at the young age his powers emerged he was often at the mercy of others emotions and, although rarer, others were subjected to his. As a calm and content child Aiden usually radiated a general feeling of well-being to those around him. This would grow into a an aura of clarity which caused others in his vicinity to feel more content, think clearer, and heightened their senses due distracting emotions being dulled.

However, his lack of control burdened Aiden as well. During slumber Aiden often unconsciously project the emotions evoked by his dreams, this was particularly true of nightmares. Visions became a difficult trial whenever Aiden would experience them. Due his emapthy Aiden would feel what he was seeing through the visions as if he was living them, both telepathy and empathy can effect a vision for a kalashtar depending on their talent in them. During particularly strong visions Aiden would even experience psycho-somatic reactions to events of the vision. For example waking up with the same bruise a person received in his vision. Fortunately Aiden was not very talented in visions and rarely receives them.

While Perrin had very little experience with dealing with an empathic individual he quickly learned what to watch for and avoid until Aiden was more in control. After a trip to the near by city of Razelpeak resulted in a emotional fit as Aiden got too close to a riot that was occurring, Perrin learned to keep Aiden from crowds and the city. ( “The High Life”)

Education and Adulthood

As Aiden grew it became clear that monastery life was not for him and his niche lied elsewhere. Thus Aiden enrolled and attended the Razelpeak University at the age of 18. During the course of his study Aiden discovered that he had an aptitude and passion for the healthcare profession. In particular psychology and psychiatry due to his particular talents and personality. However, there were obstacles. The government required that all psychics to be registered with the government. Perrin particularly was opposed to this law and refused to get either himself, Claire, or Aiden registered. This relatively easy due to his limited talents and living in a relatively isolated town monastery. Further no psychic could work in a field which required a person to work with private person information. As the government tested applicants to these fields without some way to go around the law Aiden was barred from his life goal.

This was just the beginning of Aiden’s growing dissatisfaction with the government and its ever creeping encroachment on civil liberties and expanding corruption. This came to a turning point in 2015 when a rally being held on campus over the new dissolved into a violent riot which resulted in 2 deaths and numerous casualties. Though no one was ever sure who instigated the riot it was clear that social tensions were reaching the breaking point. Following the riot Aiden became struggled to overcome the emotional turmoil he experienced during the event, this being his first truly violent encounter. The riot exposed aspects of people and himself that he never wanted to see or feel. In order to sort through his emotional distress Aiden erected strong walls against the emotions of the city and strictly controlled his own emotions until he could regain control. Having gone to Aiden after having heard about the riot and upon learning of his inability to enter into the path we wished his life to follow Claire made a deal in order to allow Aiden bypass the psychic check and continue his progress to becoming a psychiatrist. At the time Aiden was not in the right mindset to question his sudden fortune and later Claire refused to tell Aiden who she made the deal with and what she had to do in return, as this knowledge wouldn’t change what had already occurred Aiden decided to let it stay unknown.

Unfortunately months later Aiden’s brother-in-law Roland passed away. It was in the wake of these events that Aiden learned that both Roland and Claire were involved in the growing underground resistance to the government. Claire reeling from the sudden loss of her husband and the realization that if she continued to be a force in the resistance the safety of her two 5 year children Anya and Theo would be put at greater and greater risk. Aiden realizing that this was a way to pay his sister back for enabling him to reach his life goal and seeing that this was something Claire had to do offered to take care of the children for her. Claire seeing that this was the best option available as Aiden was not a part of the resistance effort and not wanting to burden their aging father with young children agreed to the proposal. Aiden carefully balanced his studies and his duty to raising the children fairly well, the children growing to see Aiden as for all intents and purposes their father. Aiden finally graduated from the Razelpeak University graduate program as a licensed psychiatrist at the age of 26.

Professional Life

Needing to support his family Aiden applied and was hired to a well established company as a psychiatrist. However, Aiden still felt there was something missing, something more he could do. It was a few months later that he met Kethik Ul’Zerth and saved his life.

After walking back from work one evening Aiden sensed some great emotional distress and came upon Kethik as he was going to leap to his death off the top floor of a building. Reaching Kethik as fast as he could Aiden managed to talk Kethik off the ledge and out of his suicidal attempt. Kethik latched on to Aiden as a salvation and met with Aiden frequently in the coming weeks to establish a healthier mindset. This was the beginning of what developed into a deep friendship between the two. This event sparked Aiden’s decision to help those people who really needed his aid, the downtrodden and disenfranchised of the city. To do this Aiden built and runs a free clinic in the slums of Razelpeak in between work and raising Anya and Theo.

Aiden’s clinic become well known in the area as a place of free medical care and genuine healing. It also became well known as a place where resistance members could go for medical care and shelter instead of a government run hospital. It was through the clinic that Aiden met some of his closest friends and acquaintances, including Mordrin Stone and Ryan Nimbus who acted as guards for the clinic.

Joining NOVA

This changes one day in 2023, the day Mordrin decided that he needed to settle his past with his father by killing him. Mordrin asked for Aiden’s help as well as that of Kethik, Ryan, and the mysterious shadar’kai Maren Zerehod. Hoping to talk Mordrin out of killing his father if the man did not deserve death or help Mordrin deal with the act if he did Aiden agreed to go along, effectively joining the resistance organization called NOVA. Leaving Anya and Theo in the care of his father Aiden and the group set out for Ethorasa and started on a journey which would take him farther than he ever would have expected. ( “Darkest of Days”)

Aiden Novakri

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