Teologia Chronicles

"One's Life Taken"

Main Scenario (Prologue)

The following takes place in 2023 CE.

The party, consisting of Michael Sellis, Deriphem Lacust, Rhode Telgoth, Aiden Novakri, and Kethik Ul’Zerth, moved to the cathedral to organize their thoughts and determine the next course of action.

Aiden and Kethik needed to be convinced of the party’s story that they had travelled through time from the year 1447 and the remainder needed to be educated on the state of the world in 2023. Deriphem was shocked to learn that Archunadia had been repopulated and that the eladrin race had gone extinct. His existence was the primary validation of their story.

Rhode also expressed great remorse at learning that according to legend, Kelni the Violet Dragon perished and was entombed in a secret location in Antedyne.

The decision was made to continue to Central City when Kethik mentioned that there is a club called the Feywild (clearly the location Cyrus mentioned in his last words). Since both group’s goals appeared to be the same, they agreed to work together and be cautious going forward.



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