Teologia Chronicles

"The Young Soldier"

Flashes ~ Michael Sellis

The flashes of this chapter have been lost and will be available when replaced.

Main Scenario

The following takes place in 1401 CE.

The party, having just traveled through time, found themselves still in Arcadia, though it was clearly post-razing Archunadia at this point in time, as razers could be seen and the ruins of Eladrin civilization lay across the wasteland. Based on their combined knowledge of history, this placed them between 1300 and 1600 CE. Using Deriphem’s teleportation rituals, they evacuated across continents to the only other teleportation frequency he had available, other than Archunadia, which happened to be north of Burnestre, at what was his abode after the Demon Invasion of Burnestre.

The party quickly confirmed the current year to be 1401 CE, and contemplated what action to take next, as only Deriphem was alive and had a reputation at this point in time. Even still, the question was raised as to whether they could attract attention, as it had not yet been made clear whether they could alter history.

With no clear direction, the decision was made to honor Cyrus by adhering to a Kalashtar custom of burying one’s Prophecy Journal at his or her monastery. They began to hike north to Crytathos.

Along the way, the party encountered a large predatory beast laying waste to the village that would later become Michael’s home. The party aided soldiers who were stationed there in defeating the beast. In doing so, Michael encountered a 14 year old Javier Pentalus, a novice trainee in the Antedynast guard. Michael, overreacting at the fear of interrupting history and accidently causing his mentor harm, asked the party to keep him with them so he could ensure his safety.

After a long trek, the party arrived at the Riviera Monastery, Cyrus’ home. An awkward moment occurred when the party could not explain why they were there, as Cyrus had not yet been born and they did not want to reveal their time-travelling nature. This was short-lived, as the Kalashtar had been expecting them. They took them to see Allen Xavier, who was wearing a mask and going by the moniker “Jean” so as not to cause complications when his earlier self is born and grows up. Allen gave all the correct traditional cues and helped them bury Cyrus.

Afterward, the party demanded answers. Allen admitted that he had not yet experienced the encounter they had with him, but was aware of many things he had yet to experience due to acute visions he had. He claimed he was working as an agent of History and spoke religiously of the design of Capelli, the god of time. His personal belief, as was Cyrus’, was that time could not be changed and was preset, but that it was important for individuals acting inside of it to be aware of the importance of each action, despite the inevitability. As an example, he revealed that by coming to the Riviera Monastery, they had introduced 21st Century bacteria from Aiden and Kethik that, over the course of the next 40 years, would evolve into the disease that would wipe out the Kalashtar of Crytathos.

Upon learning this, the party shifted in time again, a process Allen referred to as chronoshifting.



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