Teologia Chronicles

"The Here and Now"

Main Scenario / Flash (Epilogue)

The following takes place in 2023, concurrent with the events of To The Victor.

Aiden searched the far side of the grounds of a large cathedral, having seperated from Kethik in an attempt to remain hidden from Arcadian agents after the events of Perseverence. A skirmish had broken out between rebels and the Arcadian military nearby, and the battles would draw attention to them if they joined.

A gust of wind caused him to shiver, and he heard the panicked voices of several people from the other side of the cathedral. Rushing to investigate, he encountered Michael, Deriphem, and Rhode. They were shivering and naked, covered in a fine white dust.

He loaded spare clothes from the Layer to help them when his radio sounded. Kethik informed him that there was a wounded man at the graveyard, and the party realized this was Cyrus. They went to the graveyard to join him.

Cyrus was bleeding to death and Aiden correctly diagnosed that he had already lost too much blood, and that the little medical care he could provide would not be enough to save him. Cyrus then delivered his final words to the party,

It’s ok. We’re here…now… I’ve seen what’s next. These two… you’re in this together. You need to go to the Feywild… it’s all there. Thank you all… for everything. Together… together, we live…



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