Teologia Chronicles

"The High Life"

Flashes ~ Aiden Novakri

The following takes place in 2002 CE

On Aiden’s 9th birthday, his father took him out to a theme park and celebrated with him all day. Though the day would have become one of his fondest memories, he and his father passed a riot against one of the local banks which had announced their compliance with the recent Arcadian mandate requiring all Layer-based financial transactions to be immediately recorded and logged by the state. He began to feel an intense anger and fear similar to those rioting, and his father was forced to take him far away from the area the bank was located. It took several hours to settle Aiden down afterwards.

Later that year, Aiden would have a nightmare involving a man with red hair attacking him and several people he identified as friends. In this nightmare, several of his friends were fatally wounded and he woke up as he attemped to run for his life.

His father explained to him that he is descended from a race of humans which were known to have developed key psychic abilities which allowed them to experience life differently from normal individuals. His sensitivity to the emotions of those around him were the result of an apparent ability to influence emotions by his thoughts alone. He remained troubled by this news, as psychics were considered to be dangerous by popular opinion and garnered a high degree of criticism and controversy.

Main Scenario

The following takes place in 2023 CE, 2 weeks after the events of Darkest of Days.

Kethik’s party made their way to District 15, an urban environment that was previously a city with a local government, but had become a waypoint for the Arcadian military after local policy leaned toward the rebellion’s cause. Using this time to recuperate and gather devices with new GP addresses (a resource neccessary to hack into the Layer without being identified by state agencies), they encountered a number of raging criminals who appeared to be psychotic.

Aiden recognized these individuals as suffering symptoms of Amp withdrawal. Amp was a recreational steroid used by athletes to increase physical attributes, though prolonged use proved to wear away at inhibitions and created an addiction that reduced cognitive function. Investigation of the situation showed that these individuals were ex-military and that District 15 was being used as a testing ground for conditioning soldiers to resist negative side-effects of amp to create a force with unwavering loyalty and hightened combat abilities.

The party decided to sabotage the operations of the District by blowing up the main warehouse of amp. They were intercepted by a high-ranking State Agent working in the facility. While the party succeeded in the sabotage and defeated the State Agent, they overheard a call being made to Central identifying them as important NOVA operatives and that a State Artist (a professional flux artist used by the state as a special operations agent) would be dispatched to locate and terminate them. They quickly departed and aimed for the city of Ethorasa as the next checkpoint before reaching Central.



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