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Teologia Chronicles

"The Light"

Flashbacks ~ All Party Members

The flashes of this chapter are part of the chapter, quickly examining how each character approached the battlefield described below. Future Prologues involve only Main Scenario or Flashes, not both.

Main Scenario

On a raging battlefield, five people found themselves caught in a horrific disaster. A skirmish between two factions, the Knights of Antedyne and Goblins invading from Rhodavia, had been interrupted by a storm of magic. Elemental forces rained from the skies, decimating both sides, but gave the goblins the clear upper hand due to their sheer numbers. The five strangers did their best to survive, and after several waves of conflict the haze of battle lifted and each of their minds became focused, allowing them to remember how they came to be in the midst of such strife.

Michael Sellis, an Antedynast knight, had been called to arms to defend the country from a potential threat. Antedyne had been given warning of a mass of goblins rushing to strike at the border and to gain a foothold in Antedyne’s boundaries. Ever the loyal soldier, he heeded the call of his king and protected the country with all his might. He fought, then, under the command of his lifelong mentor, Captain Javier Pentalus.

Deriphem Lacust, a member of a very old race called the Taelve, wandered the earth with a terible burden. He wielded powerful arcane magics and conjured mighty elemental forces, occasionally containing that energy into a humanoid summon he called Zelphir. He hid his aims from those around him, but this much is clear: he was interested in Death.

Cyrus Malharath, an enigmatic human with a kind of wisdom in his gaze, chronicled the events of the lands he journeyed to, with no true aim or goal. The knowledge is what mattered, and he dilligently recorded all he comes to understand in his personal journal.

Rhode Telgoth, a mighty Dragoon wielding a great miner’s pickaxe, searched for a place of work and distraction. At a cursory glance he would appear to be nothing more than a brute, with little to bring to discussion, but further exploration would show he had more experience than he let on.

Both sides faced the crater blasted into the earth by the storm, and a Hobgoblin enemy prepared to leap inside, eager to see what was there. Javier noticed Deriphem and, with a determined look, exclaimed,

You…then that means. It’s time. Michael! It’s up to you now. You need to make it through this and tell his majesty that Bane’s hand tears at the border… he possesses it. Go now!

Javier immediately moved to combat the Hobgoblin, and Michael followed suit. While the other three strangers remained, fighting the goblin hordes, Javier and Michael did battle with the Hobgoblin at the crater. Tragically, Javier was slain and Michael tumbled into the crater with the Hobgoblin.

In the crater, Michael prepared to do battle with the Hobgoblin, as a wave of light emitted from the sphere and then ceased, leaving behind a brilliantly stunning woman clad in silver and gold chain and elegant ribbon-emroidered armor. The golden-haired maiden slowly stood from her kneeling position and stumbled toward the duelists.

While Michael was taken aback by the newcomer, the Hobgoblin wasted no time in striking at her. In one swift motion she slid past his halberd and snatched his scimitar from its sheath. A single blow is all it took for her to fell the attacker, at which point she stared at Michael. In but a moment and with a clear determination, she leapt from the crater and began to slaughter the remaining goblins in a beautiful display of dance-like combat.

In only moments she had felled all goblins, leaving the only survivors of the fight to be the Four Strangers and the lone hobgoblin, who vanished in the chaos from the Woman’s appearance.

As the dust settled the survivors moved towards the now silent and still Lady from the Light. As they approached, she quickly turned around and said in a quick and authorative bark,

Who are you!? Answer me!



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