Teologia Chronicles

"Do No Harm"

Flashbacks ~ Cyrus

The following events take place between 1425 CE and 1443 CE.

Cyrus Malharath was mentored on the arts of healing by a medical specialist in his monastery, revealed to be an enclosed society in the northern mountains. Medical magic is but one of Cyrus’ talents, but this particular teacher appears to have caught his attention in a very profound way.

Years later, he would learn how to focus his mind and channel magic using both his body and his spirit. Cyrus had a particular gift for managing many different kinds of magics, but as a member of his Order, he also practiced a sacred art; the art of prophecy. It was this technique alone which Cyrus struggled in, as did many early practitioners.

After many years of study, Cyrus had one perfect Vision of the future. However, it was a very grave one. He saw his entire monastery devastated by plague such that none other than he survived.

Main Scenario

The four strangers stood around this woman who had so miraculously appeared before them, each with a different reaction. It didn’t take long to reach the consensus that the group would escort this woman north toward Burnestre, the capital of Antedyne, as her goal was to find the king and speak with him.

After several hours of traveling, dusk began to come, and an eery silence was noticed by everyone. A booming voice rang in their minds, mocking them. This malicious force claimed to be greater than they, and in but a moment the Woman was crippled by pain which came from nowhere. The voice left them with an odd final statement:

My fury shall become you.

The party fled to the underground tunnels which ran under Antedyne in the hopes of avoiding field monsters, given the Woman’s condition. They encountered a weary man running from Nolve ruffians, who begged them to help him. Cyrus, understanding the man’s plight, agreed to help him on behalf of the party, and the group dispatched the foes, creating an easy route out of the tunnels and into the Feywoods.



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