The End (And After)

Teologia Chronicles has concluded as a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. The story is now being converted into a series of novels for the enjoyment of others. Additionally, a sequel campaign is in development for those interested (please contact LiminalDusk). It is titled “Ultimavita Chronicles,” and will focus on how the world has been impacted by the events at the end of The End of History.

If you would like to read the synopsis of Teologia Chronicles as it is being converted into novel form, you can begin here. Bear in mind, spoilers are inevitable.

Please excuse the state of the Wiki as it is under reconstruction. Thank you for your consideration and interest in Teologia Chronicles and the DeoChronos Universe.

The following is an archive of the previous home page, for posterity:

Changes Notice

As we approach the end of Teologia Chronicles, some updates are underway to distance the setting of Teologia Chronicles from the terms owned by Wizards of the Coast. Thusly, the following elements may be affected:

Names Changes:

  • Kalashtar have been renamed Setelliers, and their namesake river has been changed from “Kalash” to “Setelli.”
  • The Shadar’Kai have been renamed Kastal’Rei, to reflect their namesake deific concept, the Kastalia.
  • The Wilden have been renamed Nashra (Nash as a pejorative singular, since the Nashra prefer not to be identified in the singular noun), and the deific concept they worship is called the Eonelhm.
  • The Eladrin and Drow have been renamed Taelve and Nolve respectively. Early in evolution, there was simply the Taelve (singular and plural), and later Dark Taelve were called Nolve. The term Nolve began as both singular and plural, but eventually became plural while Nolf became the singular.
  • Genasi, Gith, and Bladelings have lost names entirely, and have pages solely for the cultural differences between humans with those abilities.

World Calender (Suggested Page)

Basically, the idea for the in-game calender consists of a 50-week Year with 7 days in each week. There will be 12 Months and 4 Seasons, each month consisting of exactly 29 days, with an extra non-month-associated day at the beginning and end of a year, making exactly 350 days in each year. While I have named the 7 days in each week (opting to remove the Sun-Sat system of reality due to the origins of the words), but I leave the names of each of the twelve months up to you. The name of the two excess days are “New Year’s Day” and “Past Year’s Day,” and are the only two days dedicated to Capelli, the God of Time (The Four Seasons correspond to the other four greater gods, in exchange).


  • Soldae
  • Josdae
  • Kridae
  • Yothdae
  • Hestidae
  • Faridae
  • Lundae

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Teologia Chronicles

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